How to Turn Your Azure Free Credits into Cryptocurrency

The rate can fluctuate between 1:1 and 1:10, i.e. in the best case you'll get almost 1$ worth of cryptocurrency for every 1$ spent on azure (depending on the current exchange-rates). This is possible because the newly introduced Azure-batch-service is dirt cheap!

If you just want to mine Monero, continue with the quickstart-Instructions.

The script can work with many different cryptocurrencies. In the table below are links to my mining-guide pre-filled with suitable settings for the respective coin. You can use the settings as is (you'll just have to fill your personal wallet), or you can use it as a starting-point for your own settings.
You can use the profit-calculator cryptunit to find the most profitable coin.

Currency Link to mining-guide
Monero Guide with instructions for mining Monero
Graft Guide with instructions for mining Graft
Aeon Guide with instructions for mining Aeon
Conceal Guide with instructions for mining Conceal

Do you need help following the instructions? You can contact me at